Welding September Episode 7 - CAESAR line monitoring software

With the Imanpack CAESAR monitoring software, you can manage and control packaging machines remotely, improving efficiency and productivity.

Why choose to install CAESAR?

  1. Real-time monitoring: The CAESAR software can collect and track data and information, enabling accurate monitoring of material consumption, batch number recording, non-conformities and more.

  2. Direct connection with your ERP software: CAESAR connects to your ERP software and collects production data statistics. It also allows the generation of periodic reports.

  3. Recipe saving: Our CAESAR software enables users to store an extensive amount of recipes based on specific products or batches/lots. This functionality allows the saving of machine settings for later retrieval.

  4. Production statistics and data: The software monitors the plant system continuously and saves the production data to a database. Thanks to real-time statistics, the system enables improved data-driven decision making. The software also significantly reduces error-prone operations, resulting in improved facility efficiency and productivity.

  5. Integration with packaging machines: The CAESAR software integrates with Imanpack packaging machines in a second step, according to INDUSTRY 4.0.

  6. Customisation: The system can be highly customised to produce more efficiently in a continuous flow process.

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