Some Imanpack VIDEO CASE STORIES concern the PLASTIC Industry - CUPS and LIDS

Introducing our VIDEO CASE STORIES.

It's a series of VIDEO CLIPS, already available on our YouTube Channel, that show some packaging machines for a specific kind of goods.

Take a look at the PDF of every installation: it's a new way to introduce our packaging solutions to your customers.

Microvert PRO with automatic feeder

Country: Israel
Machine type: Microvert PRO 300 Vertical packaging machine + Automatic feeder for lids stacks
Product: Plastic lids

Country: Mexico
Machine type: nr.2 Servoflex Poly PBB Flow-wrappers + nr.2 Cupcounter devices + Sorting belt
Product: Plastic cups

Country: Kuwait
Machine type: Micropac VRP3 PBB Poly Flow-wrapper + Wire cut + Cup counting/feeding device
Product: Plastic cups

Lidpack with automatic feeder
Country: Turkey
Machine type: Lidpack Inclined vertical packaging machine + Automatic feeder
Product: Plastic cups
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Country: Italy
Machine type: Venus Plus Angular Flow-wrapper + Cupcounter
Product: Plastic cups

All the Case Stories published so far are available on the Imanpack website.



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