Imanpack will display the latest technology and innovations at MSV show in Brno

The MSV is the largest trade show in Central Europe. It has been taking place for more than 60 years and gathers experts from various industries.  This year's exhibition will feature numerous exhibits, expert presentations, and demonstrations. It promises to be better than ever.

At Imanpack Packaging, we will showcase our innovative packaging solutions at MSV, together with our local Agent, Imanpack HSC s.r.o.

As a leading company in packaging solutions with over 50 years of experience, we offer different items such as intelligent packaging systems, bagging machines, case packers, and palletisers.

Why visit Imanpack Packaging at MSV?

  1. Firstly, we will exhibit our cutting-edge automation technology, in function, that has helped many businesses to improve their production and reduce total operating costs. The automation technology range offers dependable and effective packing solutions that help meet customer needs quickly, securely and affordably.
  2. Secondly, Imanpack Packaging will have sales professionals participating in the event. They will be accessible to provide pointers and specialised knowledge about the current developments in the packaging business. Participants can have a better understanding of the significance of eco-friendly packaging solutions and how organisations can utilise this trend to boost their procedures and satisfy the amplified request for sustainable packaging solutions.
  3. Finally, who wouldn't want to connect with a business that has over 50 years of industry know-how? Such firms are typically specialists in their field with a wealth of wisdom to impart. By visiting Imanpack's booth, you'll not only get to see the latest developments in packaging but also learn from seasoned professionals.

Be sure to visit Imanpack Packaging's booth to check out our packaging technology and to receive the latest news from our Sales team.

Come to PAV.A2 - STAND 43

Come to admire our packaging line composed of a vertical form-fill-seal machine Microvert PRO 200, with two counting modules CMS10 CMF5, in function, at our stand.

MSV 2023
Brno from 10/10/2023
to 13/10/2023

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