Micropac VRP3 With cup counter and loader

Micropac VRP3 horizontal wrapping machine for the packaging of solid products with heat sealing or polyethylene film, in special plastic cups and trays. Can be connected to automated production lines.

Diameter: Min 40 mm / Max 115 mm
Stack length: Min 100 / Max 550
Diameter: Min 40 mm / Max 115 mm

• Accumulation conveyor belt controlled driven by 3-phase motorfrequency controlled.
• “Too full” and “too empty” control photocell.
• Adjustable mechanical vibrator unit to allow correct stacking of cups.
• Helical disk counter and band feeder unit controlled by servomotor.
• Formed stack removal unit with air flow nozzles positioned on the two side guides.
• 6-sector rotating mill to transfer the formed stack at +/- 90° on the wrapping machine conveyor belt or the product recovery chute if the wrapping machine is halted.

• Hot air longitudinal PE sealing.
• 200 mm wide transversal sealing.
• Spatulas with cutting and sealing profile covered by a sheet of rewindable teflon fabric.
• Universal forming unit.
• Film motorisation unit with dancer roller.
• 1500 mm paddle wheel conveyor belt replaceable using screws.
• Conveyor belt speed according to the dimensions of the product to be packed.

Up to 20 pack./min (in accordance with pack length).
It is possible to process double packs (two stacks of the same length) for products with a max diameter of 70 mm only.

A physical assessment of products with heights lower than 60 mm is required to verify the stacking stability during the counting phase and transfer to the wrapping machine.

Speedup to 20 pack./min
Crimper width200 mm
Product widthDiameter: Min 40 mm/Max 115 mm
Product lenghtStack length: Min 100/Max 700
Film reel core diam76 mm
Film reel width400 mm
Wrapping materialHeat sealing film, polyethylene

Software for the management and control of packaging machines

The CAESAR software is designed to be integrated with the Imanpack packaging machines. It provides management and control over the entire line via Personal Computer, with both fixed or mobile devices (tablet or smartphone).

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